“Thought Garden” has launched!

Thought Garden

“Thought Garden,” a collection of short stories and poems has launched and is now available at Amazon.com and other online retailers!

Murder, heart break, betrayal, romance, and more live inside these pages. This collection of short stories and poems will transport you to another place and time, where mystery and intrigue live. Take a ride on the high seas with pirates, uncover dead bodies in the misty swamp, or be swept away by the call of the sirens. Adventure is waiting for you.

Several of my short stories were previously published throughout the Giant Tales Anthologies, but I am now happy to announce that they are all in one place, my Thought Garden! I’ve also added on to a few of the previous stories as well as given my readers a few extra short stories and poems to enjoy!

I will be holding an upcoming book signing during the Millis Community Business Expo on Saturday, November 21st from 2-4pm at the Millis Town Hall.

In addition to “Thought Garden”, I will also have my entire collection of novels available including Beyond Earth Series, Butterflies Wake, Butterflies Rising, and Outside The Circle.

The Millis Community Business Expo is being held by the Millis Girls Softball League in an effort to raise money for the league. For more information on the Expo visit http://www.mgsl.org

Also coming soon, “Sneaky Pete” book 2 of the Circle Series children’s collection!


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