It’s time to shed your skin. Allow the layers of your former life to slowly peel away, revealing a fresher and happier version of you. You’re a newly bloomed flower, waiting to be plucked. An inner beast has awoken from a long, cold, and bitter winter. The beast inside you is strong. Filled with the confidence of knowing what it needs to feed on in order to satisfy its insatiable appetite. The fire within continues to burn and your need for more grows.Freedom

Are you out of control, or finally in control for the first time? Perhaps allowing yourself to spin out of control, to let go and explore who you are, is a form of control. A form of honesty. We all lie. Everyday we lie about so much. We lie about how happy we are in our marriages, with our jobs, with friends. We lie to our children; we lie to our bosses, co-workers, spouses, and parents. Worst of all is when we lie to ourselves. True happiness is being honest with yourself and those around you…. even if the truth sucks. Rip that life-sucking Band-Aid off before your soul dies. Life is to short to live a lie, to barely live, or kind of love.

Live freely and out loud! Love deeply. Make love or indulge fantastically whenever you want with whomever you want because you can. Don’t force yourself to label it as dating. Let it be exactly what it is. Be honest about it. Sometimes you might just want to be satisfied. That’s okay.

Sometimes you may be aching for a different kind of satisfaction. To fall madly deeply in love with someone who makes your heart burst. Someone who can see right into your soul, who can brighten the darkened corners of your mind with wisdom, ravage the needs of your sexual appetite, and laugh together with a full heart when something amuses you both. Perhaps you want someone who wants to explore the world with adventurous enthusiasm, taking it all in, enjoying the magic of life. That’s okay.

Sometimes you’ll want to be alone and just think of who you really are. To look at your own face in the mirror and recognize the person staring back at you; to not be afraid or ashamed of your own thoughts or actions. But to be proud of who you are and the choices you make because they are the real you living out loud! That’s okay.

No more hiding behind fake titles. No more boring conversations with people you don’t like. No more obligations that need to be filled that waste your time. No more YES when you want to say NO. And no more NO when inside you’re screaming YES!

Feel your heart pounding inside your chest with purpose and direction. Feel every emotion fully and honestly, even if it sucks, because pretending you don’t feel doesn’t work. Its just another lie we tell ourselves so that we can appear okay to those around us. So that when we look in the mirror we can say, “I’m fine”. You need to look in the mirror when you’re not fine and say, “I’m not fucking fine at all. I’m a shit show right now. I’m completely out of control.”

Because you would never want someone to lie to you, so why is it okay if you lie to yourself? It’s not. Be as honest with yourself as possible because you’re awesome and deserve the best. You deserve to be the happiest version of yourself.

No more self-medicating to blur the lines of your reality. You can’t think it away, drink it away, smoke it away…. you can’t distract yourself twenty four hours a day in hopes that it won’t come back. REALITY is REAL and if you don’t face it, it will rear its ugly head in some garbage form and strip you down until you feel nothing but darkness. Because when you continue to lie to yourself, to self-medicate, to pretend that everything is fine when its not, you are slowly killing yourself. You are replacing the real you with an impostor; a darker, sadder version of you. And for what? Because society says so? Because you have to look a certain way, act a certain way, be a certain way in order to fit in? What exactly are we all trying to fit into? Most people I know are just living lies.

STOP LYING TO YOURSELF. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. But this time…do it for you.

*Welcome to the blog series SHE LAWS. A new dawn for women and anyone that supports them.


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