DAME Media has launched!

Happy 1st day of August everyone! DAME Media launches today! So what are we up to?
67981703_2983969365160702_3999728856071143424_nCurrently, the short thriller “GREELA” is in pre-production and has already begun assembling cast and crew for a late August shoot. The thriller is about the death of Beth Williams, and the dark family secret that emerges, threatening the lives of her entire family. This project is part of the EDGE Challenge through Orlando Independent Filmmakers. For more information on cast and crew visit GREELA


Chris-and-Jesse-145.gifToday we will be interviewed by F.I.L.M.A.M. productions  for their documentary “Finding Kevin” a look at independent filmmakers and who might be the next Kevin Smith. They will be traveling up and down the east coast in 3 separate RV’s stopping in several cities along the way. Today they will be in Oviedo, FL at Rock & Brews from 12-2pm interviewing!


Interested in being a part of our team? We are always looking for crew! Email Arlene Lagos at authorarlenelagos@gmail.com and don’t forget to visit us/like us on Facebook


About damemedia

DAME Media is a female driven film, television and web services production quality.
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