Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Arlene Lagos – President & CEO

Lagos, A writer for more than 25 years, has written a dozen novels, three feature films, and over 20 short films. Her production company, DAME Media has recently re-launched in Florida as a female-driven production company. Currently, she is working on a 30 episode series of shorts called, “The Spill” which highlights work written and directed by women. Another project starting in 2020 is the short film “Outside the Circle” the adaptation of her children’s novel.  She currently resides in Florida where she continues to write and help mentor future writers through the Orlando Independent Filmmakers.

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Danielle Bowman – Chief Production Officer

A Los Angeles native, Danielle grew up in the world of entertainment as a print model and theatre actress. She transitioned over to film and television after she moved to Florida with her family in 2016. Danielle is experienced on both sides of the camera as an Actress, Director, Producer, 1st AD, Production Manager, Set Designer, Script Supervisor, Boom Operator and 2nd Assistant Camera. She has been a part of close to 40 Productions including short films, features films, commercials, documentaries and music videos.

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Bridget Friedman – Chief Legal Officer

Born in Chiefland, Florida, Bridget attended the University of Florida where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Five years later, she went to law school at Florida State University College of Law earning her juris doctorate. Ultimately, Bridget moved to the Orlando area where she now manages her own private law practice, focusing on real estate, contract, probate, and estate planning. In her spare time, you can find her taking acting classes, auditioning for films, crafting with her Silhouette machine, sewing, and working out at Orange Theory. Bridget’s interest in film began while watching the show Outlander which moved her to enroll in acting classes at Art’s Sake studio.

Irene Harrington – Chief Financial Officer

Born and raised in Boston, Irene has spent over 45 years working as an Accountant in Corporate Finance. Now semi-retired, she works as a tax accountant in Cocoa Beach, FL. When she’s not doing taxes, she can be found walking the beach, helping local churches, and sewing clothes for underpriveleged children.




Brian Furber – Vice President of Sales

Former Army veteran who served in Military Intelligence, anyone that knows him knows that Brian has always been a man of the arts. He took pride in making his fellow soldiers laugh. Brian is a single father of a beautiful 21 year old daughter,  played college baseball, owned several successful businesses and was an Emcee for Bonkerz Comedy Clubs, before finally finding his home at DAME Media. When he’s not drumming up business, he can also be found in front of the camera!

Justin Robinette- Music Composition

Owner of N-Fluential Productions and Head of Music Composition for Dame Media, Justin Robinette has been an electronic music producer for over 6 years now. His lateral move into Film Composition happened when he tried his hand with a few short films in Orlando, FL winning him an award in December 2019 for Best Music Composition for “It Whispers” by Madison Bowman.  When he’s not composing, you can find him on set acting!

Kimm Marie – Graphic Design/Sales

Kimm is a professional actress and radio personality, having been in several films while being an on air DJ at a radio station. Over the years, Kimm has become an exceptional graphic designer, having spent decades in advertising, marketing, design and layout. She has a background in doing radio/voice over, commercial writing and producing. Kimm writes, directs and produces commercials,  is a professional photographer, and has also worked as script supervisor, interior designer, video producer, floral designer and seamstress!  Burner Graphics  IMDB

Jacoline Frank – Public Relations/Marketing

Originally from South Africa, Jacoline has done everything from educational theatre, children’s theatre and puppet theatre to voice-overs and commercials. She also made an appearance in a popular daytime soap – ‘Binnelanders’ – and did a 6 month national tour of the musical Grease. She was a Senior Adjudicator for the National Eisteddfod Academy for a long time, judging all over South Africa, and also performed throughout the whole country in a few bands. She moved to the Cayman Islands in 2011 where she did a lot of theatre, musicals, films, corporate theatre and commercials. She moved to the US a little over 2 years ago and is enjoying all of the opportunities here. IMDB   Facebook

Mary Sawyer – Public Relations/Marketing/Sales

Mary Ann Sawyer was born in the Philippines and partially grew up in Alaska. She has been performing most of her life as a singer, dancer and actress starting at the age of 7. With a strong focus on Modern Ballet, she grew her love of the arts. In 2018, she was introduced to Mimi’s Community Theater  where she starred in several theatre productions. She has also graced the runway of the Dreamwalk Fashion Show in Philadelphia. In the beginning of 2019, she stepped into the film industry where she found her calling through the Orlando Independent Filmmakers.   After working both in front of and behind the camera on several short films, she was hooked! With a background in Real Estate and a go-getter mentality, she brings vast knowledge in the field of Public Relations to the team when she’s not acting, singing, dancing or designing a set!

Keara Mix – Executive Assistant/Writer

Born in Rockville, MD, Keara’s family moved them to Atlanta at age 9 and then onto Jacksonville just before High School. She went to college for English Literature in hopes of following in the footsteps of beloved writers such as Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman who to her were wonderful creators of worlds and characters, while being down-to-earth and relatable. Keara joins DAME Media’s writing team as both a writer and editor. When’s she’s not writing or on set as a script supervisor, she’s at home enjoying time with her husband and son.

Madison Bowman- Writer/Director/PR

Madison got her start in entertaining at the young age of 5 in stage theatrical performances. In High School, she transitioned to film and television. Since then she has had leading and supporting roles in numerous feature, short films and web series; as well as music videos and commercials. She began screenwriting and directing last year, completing two short films, “How To: Be The Perfect Boyfriend” and “IT Whispers” winning awards such as Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actress. A native of Colorado, Madison now resides in Orlando, Florida

Michael Rojas- Sales Manager