Immortal Bloods


Written By: Arlene M Lagos

Created By: Samantha Burton


Logline: A teenage girl crosses over into the supernatural world where she explores new powers and uncovers her destiny.

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Currently in Pre-Production slated to film November 2019
Eva’s father has left the house and now her mother is sending her off to summer camp. As her anxiety increases, so doesn’t the level of strange activity surrounding her. Ditching camp to go for a walk in the woods, Eva finds a mysterious red scarf floating on top of the lake and ventures to get it, but instead falls in and almost drowns.
Without much memory of how she survived, Eva wakes up in another cabin deep in the woods and meets Ophelia and Elphina, the two young vampires who pulled her from the lake. Perplexed at how a human could cross over into their world, they decide to bring her to their vampire village to get answers without raising too many questions.
Meanwhile, Lucifer finds out that the Vampire’s are holding a human hostage and declares war on the grounds that the peace treaty between vampires, humans and demons has been broken.
Having helped Karen conceive Eva 16 years ago, Karen and Richard now have several questions for Balthazar about where Eva actually came from. They soon learn that Karen was implanted with a supernatural child and that both her and Richard are not Eva’s biological parents. Stuck on another astral plane, they too seek out the Witch of Endor to help them get Eva back.
Eva soon learns her prophecy as the Bringer of Light, a child born of a superhuman, but created through the courtship of a demon and a vampire whose destiny it is to keep hell from raising up through the portal and declaring war on Earth. But, as she follows the instructions she is given, she soon finds out that she had been tricked into using her free will to open the portal by Lilith, Queen of Hell who planted the red scarf on the lake that Eva fell in.