Outside The Circle Film

Currently we are in pre-production for “Outside the Circle”- a TV pilot based on the book of the same name.

Outside the Circle

Logline: A young girl with a big heart makes a brave choice, finding help in the most unlikely of places.

Emma is incredibly shy. She is so shy, that she often struggles to make friends as she’s too scared to even try! Sadly, a big opportunity comes her way, but she needs a team to help her. Emma will have to make friends in order to take on the task. Will Emma find the courage she needs to overcome her fears?

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Meet the Cast:

Emma Reilly- Ava Front
Tolya- Alayna Burgess
Elisa – Lily Bradford
Dustin- Bryson Jon Steele
Sam- Kyle O’Connor
Brian- Maxwell O’Connor
Tina- Tatum Matthews
Izzy- Tiana Gowen
Mrs. Daniels – Terri Beach
Principal Skinner – June Cuthbertson
Mrs. Reilly- Jacoline Frank
Mr. Reilly- Keoki Trask
Jacoline- Marilyn Martin
Walter – Don Larson
Don- Harvey Wilkes
Mimi- Dina Richter
Mr. Frederick- Brian Furber
Marianna – Maribel Lopez