GREELA Written by:  Arlene Lagos

Logline: When Beth Williams dies, a dark family secret emerges, threatening their lives.


This short ten minute film is currently in pre-production and will begin filming in August 2019 for the  OIF EDGE challenge. Poster created by Kimm Marie from Burner Graphics.

Summer Bauerle as Elaina         Madison Bowman as Beth    Samantha Burton as Greela     Kimm Marie as Psychic               Danielle Bowman as Dottie        Chris Applegate as Bill   Jacoline Frank as Jennifer          David Nathan as Dominick       Justin Robinette as Kevin
Olivia Day as Yg Dottie           Elizabeth Day as Yg Jennifer    Alan Applegate as Tim   Angelo Favreau as Yg Kevin    Brian Furber as Mr. Frederick          Neo Geiger as George          Rex McSeaton as Man in car        Janice Fisher as Trixie           Cindi Smith as Maribel        Kevin Winn as Jon


Arlene Lagos Writer/Director                        David Kashner Cinematographer
Rex McSeaton Assistant Director                  Jon Vonmutius Editor                                           Liz Shawback Script Supervisor                   Jacob Murphy Sound
June Cuthbertson Set Designer/Props          Holley Paris Seamstress
Megan McBride Charles Make-up                Michael Bernstein Special Effects Make-up
Justin Robinette Music Score                         Bria Gaskin PA                                                   Michael Rojas PA                                              Keara Mix PA                                                           Rex McSeaton Assistant Editor                      Mary Ann Sawyer Art Direction/Wardrobe