Meet The Team

Norma Jean Lipert – Writer/Producer/Artist


Norma has been acting and writing for over 20 years. She studied Improv with the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC and trained in CA and TX. She has written and performed stand-up comedy for over 4 years, becoming well known for writing slapstick comedy. In addition to comedy, Norma writes horror!  Norma also attended clown school and created the persona of Noodles the Clown who has appeared in several films. Norma brings a unique twist to the table as a writer, producer and actress.   IMDB

Jacoline Frank – Artist/Creator/Director


Jacoline has been a performer since she can remember,  having played piano since age 5 and choreographed her first show by age 9. After graduating High School, she received her National Diploma in Drama from the Tshwane University of Technology and was a professional actor in her native South Africa for 10 years, starting off with a dance contract for 3 months in Taichung, Taiwan. Back in South Africa she did everything from educational theatre, children’s theatre and puppet theatre to voice-overs and commercials. She also made an appearance in a popular daytime soap – ‘Binnelanders’ – and did a 6 month national tour of the musical Grease. She was a Senior Adjudicator for the National Eisteddfod Academy for a long time, judging all over South Africa, and also performed throughout the whole country in a few bands. She moved to the Cayman Islands in 2011 where she did a lot of theatre, musicals, films, corporate theatre and commercials. She moved to the US a little over 2 years ago and is enjoying all of the opportunities here. IMDB   Facebook

Nilda LeDix Pagan – Writer/Producer/Operations


Nilda is a writer, producer and actress who’s recent film production, “Meet The Familia- Our First Family Dinner,” premiered on June 15, 2019 in Sanford, FL through the Orlando Independent Filmmakers. As an actress, she is known for her work as Samantha in the faith-based film, “Tender Vow” which has won over sixty awards since its premiere in December of 2017. She also starred as Loretta in “Unreported Crime” which won Best Dramatic Short Film twice! Currently, she is working on the film adaptation of the play “Is Your Name On The Book,” where she will play Sister Booker. Outside of acting, writing, and producing, Nilda also works as an operational manager and  an event coordinator.  IMDB

Danielle Bowman – Director/Producer/Cinematography

Danielle Bowman - LeatherA Los Angeles native, Danielle grew up in the world of entertainment as a print model and theatre actress. She transitioned over to film and television after she moved to Florida with her family in 2016. Danielle is experienced on both sides of the camera as an Actress, Director, Producer, 1st AD, Production Manager, Set Designer, Script Supervisor, Boom Operator and 2nd Assistant Camera. She has been a part of close to 40 Productions including short films, features films, commercials, documentaries and music videos. Danielle Bowman Social Media

Kimm Marie – Advertising/Marketing/Graphic Design



Kimm is an exceptional graphic designer, having spent decades in advertising, marketing, design and layout. She has a background in doing radio/voice over, commercial writing and producing. Kimm writes, directs and produces commercials,  is a professional photographer, and has also worked as script supervisor, interior designer, video producer, floral designer and seamstress!  Burner Graphics  IMDB


Alexandra Balda – Writer/Director

Alex picture.pngAlexandra, a former actress with over 10 years of experience in the performing arts, is also a writer, director, filmmaker and an unstoppable storyteller. Her most recent horror shorts “Door to Purgatory” and “Obscured Reflection” have won all together over 50 accolades at several film festivals across the world. When she is not reading, researching or restless, she is making movies.  Most of her main projects are mostly visuals, being horror her favorite filmmaking genre. Alexandra believes invisible, spiritual ties exist and it’s just fascinating making these connections while filmmaking. IMDB Film Freeway


Maribel Lopez Jazylo – Writer/Producer/Designer

67562430_397602314197471_6217679976662040576_n.jpgMaribel is an Actress, Writer, Director, Producer, Location Manager, Tops Manager & Costume Designer. She is currently working on three feature-length films, “If I could save time in a Bottle”, “The House on Misty Lane and “Aztec Warrior”.  IMDB