“Sneaky Pete” has launched!


Millis, MA- Local Author, Arlene Lagos has recently launched,  “Sneaky Pete”, a middle-grade fiction novel which is also the second children’s book in the circle series. Lagos will be holding an upcoming book signing during the Annual Bayberry Craft Fair on Saturday, December 5th from 9am-4pm at the St. Thomas Large Hall 974 Main Street in Millis, MA.

Sneaky Pete: Emma’s cousin Pete comes to live with her family. Emma is excited but Pete is not. When Pete starts sneaking around and getting into trouble, Emma is forced to cover up for him. When Pete finds himself in real danger, will Emma find the courage to speak up and save her cousin?

Lagos, a native of Massachusetts has written several books including the Science-Fiction Fantasy Trilogy, “Beyond Earth Series”, a middle-grade fiction novel, “Outside the Circle”, and the first two books in the Butterflies Series, “Butterflies Wake” and “Butterflies Rising”. Lagos also has recently launched, “Thought Garden” a collection of short stories and poems that are now available. Her goal in life is to create and to inspire the world around her. Lagos currently resides in Millis, Massachusetts with her husband and their daughter.

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“Thought Garden” has launched!

Thought Garden

“Thought Garden,” a collection of short stories and poems has launched and is now available at Amazon.com and other online retailers!

Murder, heart break, betrayal, romance, and more live inside these pages. This collection of short stories and poems will transport you to another place and time, where mystery and intrigue live. Take a ride on the high seas with pirates, uncover dead bodies in the misty swamp, or be swept away by the call of the sirens. Adventure is waiting for you.

Several of my short stories were previously published throughout the Giant Tales Anthologies, but I am now happy to announce that they are all in one place, my Thought Garden! I’ve also added on to a few of the previous stories as well as given my readers a few extra short stories and poems to enjoy!

I will be holding an upcoming book signing during the Millis Community Business Expo on Saturday, November 21st from 2-4pm at the Millis Town Hall.

In addition to “Thought Garden”, I will also have my entire collection of novels available including Beyond Earth Series, Butterflies Wake, Butterflies Rising, and Outside The Circle.

The Millis Community Business Expo is being held by the Millis Girls Softball League in an effort to raise money for the league. For more information on the Expo visit http://www.mgsl.org

Also coming soon, “Sneaky Pete” book 2 of the Circle Series children’s collection!

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Upcoming Speaking Engagement

“Butterflies Wake” Author, Arlene Lagos

To hold Speaking Engagement

At Millis Public Library on Thursday, October 15th at 7pm

Millis, MA– Local Author Arlene Lagos will be a guest speaker at the new Millis Public Library on October 15th at 7pm, 961 Main Street Millis, MA where she will do a reading from her women’s fiction novel, “Butterflies Wake”.

In addition to the reading, Lagos will discuss the Butterfly Series, how it came to light, the struggles she faced writing it both emotionally and financially, and why she feels this particular story is worth telling.

“Butterflies Wake” is the first book in the series and is about an underground female mafia righting the wrongs of an unjust society.

It’s not too far off track from what’s happening in several society’s around the world, where women are taking matters into their own hands where the justice system has failed them,” says Lagos.

Lagos will also announce the launch date of the third book in the series, “Butterflies Forever”, as well as two other novels she has in the works including her second children’s book, “Sneaky Pete” and her first non-fiction work, “No Sleep Til’ Slimtown” which is a personal account of her fight with Sleep Apnea and Weight Loss Surgery.

In addition, Lagos will have on display her other books including the Science-fiction trilogy, “Beyond Earth” series; her first children’s book, “Outside the Circle,” as well as six anthologies that include fourteen of her short stories.

Lagos will be offering a Q&A session following her presentation, as well as autographing purchased copies of her works. There will be limited copies available for purchase, so attendees may want to come prepared. For more information on Author Arlene Lagos and her work, visit her website at www.authorarlenelagos.com

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We’re Wide Awake

From the social media circus surrounding Planned Parenthood to the bashing of female presidential hopefuls, women and their rights are once again on the chopping block. But in the past few years, women have been fighting back…literally.

From Mother’s Against Senseless Killings patrolling the streets of Chicago, to organizations like #SayHerName defending against the questionable death of Sandra Bland; American women of all colors have been taking a stand in hopes of warding off domestic, sexual and gang violence in their neighborhoods.

But this isn’t just happening in America. Across the world their are stories of women refusing sexual Jihad, women demonstrating in front of Mexico’s Interior Ministry in protest of domestic violence, and the recent win of Genital Mutilation finally being banned in Nigeria.

Most recently, an all female military was formed to fight off Isis attacks. The all-female fighting brigade in Iraq called the “Sun Girls”  formed to battle back against ISIS militants who try and rape them. Xate Shingali, 30, is the woman  behind the battalion.

The Gulabi gang of Northern India was formed in 2006 in a deeply patriarchal culture riddled with domestic violence, child marriages, child labor and more. The all female gang members wear pink and carry bamboo sticks used to beat oppressive husbands, fathers, and brothers and combat domestic violence and desertion.

The “Red Mariposas de Alas Nuevas Construyendo Futuro“- “Butterflies with New Wings Building a Future” was started in Colombia, South America with the goal to support women who are victims of abuse, educating them about their rights and helping them report sexual crimes to the police.

Women in Kenya went as far as to form their own community where men are forbidden.

“We are fighting everyday for the rights to our own bodies, to have our female ancestors preserved in history books and honored as statues in parks. We are fighting at home and abroad to be treated as equals physically, mentally, sexually, financially, politically and spiritually. We are fighting and we won’t stop. We’re wide awake and we’ve only just begun.”- Arlene Lagos

Arlene Lagos is the Author of a popular fiction book series called, “Butterflies Wake” about an underground female mafia righting the wrongs of an unjust society. You can find “Butterflies Wake” and “Butterflies Rising” available now on Amazon.com

“Butterflies Forever”, Book 3 Coming Winter 2015!

 Email: authorarlenelagos@gmail.com

Website: http://www.authorarlenelagos.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/authorarlenelagos

Twitter: @ArleneLagos

Amazon Author Page:


Butterflies Wake Book Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ6NulqdZsw

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No Sleep Til’ Slimtown: Intro


Sleep Disorders are a silent killer. Not getting enough sleep, or even worse, enough oxygen when you sleep- can literally kill you. You know what else can kill you? Being overweight. It can cause heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and death.

There’s a link to sleep disorders and weight gain…I should know, I suffered from both.

In my upcoming novel, “No Sleep Til’ Slimtown” I will walk you through my experience with sleep apnea, depression, anxiety, weight gain, nerve pain and other struggles.

My book will highlight how they are all linked, what I did to get out from under it all, and what you can do to better your situation if you are suffering from any or all of these problems.

Am I a doctor? No. Do I have years of experience in this field personally? YES YES YES.

If you are tired of being tired, having no energy, having hip and back pain, being irritable, or taking pills for problems you don’t know why you have, then you need to read this book.  While you are waiting, here’s some highlights:

I suffered from major obstructive sleep apnea since I had my daughter nine years ago.  Honestly, I probably had it my whole life, but before I started gaining the pregnancy weight, it didn’t affect me as badly.

Because of my inability to breathe properly and my severe lack of oxygen while sleeping, I put on over 100 hundred pounds in 9 years.

In 2012 I had sleep apnea surgery in my nose and throat to open up my airways and it reduced the apnea but I just couldn’t lose the weight. Weight is linked heavily to hormones and when you aren’t getting enough oxygen, you body releases stress hormones that put on weight and make it very difficult to take off.

I tried dieting, yoga, running, walking, swimming and mixed martial arts. Nothing worked. In fact it made it worse, causing heavy bleeding, groin pulls, nerve damage, etc.

In 2015, I was referred to a bariatric surgeon who basically told me that if I continued to push myself as hard as I do, I would still probably only lose about 2 percent of my body fat.

After many months of research, I decided to get a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy which if you don’t know what that is means they’re basically cutting out part of my stomach so that I will drop a lot of weight. (More specifics on this will be referenced in the book)

This will decrease the inches around my neck, (because seriously, how do you lose weight around your neck?)- allowing more air to come into my airways at night and during the day allowing they oxygen to do its job- to build muscle and burn fat. 

In March of 2015 my highest recorded weight was 297 lbs. at 5’9″. Before surgery on July 15th, I was 275 lbs, down 22 lbs from the required two week pre-op liquid diet they put you on to reduce the size of your liver. (More explanation on the importance of this in the book)

As of this post, I am one month post-op. My weight is 245 lbs, down 52 lbs since my first meeting with my bariatric surgeon, and down 30 lbs in 30 days.

Want to know more? Look for my upcoming novel, “No Sleep Til’ Slimtown” by Arlene Lagos coming soon!

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