On Location Video Production Services!

From just one camera operator to complete 6K video production they have the crew and the talent to get the job done.


Creative Movement

A Production House strives to create that next great shot. 

They have a large assortment of gear and tools to get the shot that is needed for your next production. 

Camera Sliders, Steadicam, Camera crane, One Of A Kind 100% Electric Camera Car,  and Camera mounts are just some of what they can offer for your next production.

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A Production House

  • A Production House is a full service 6K video production company.​

  • ​​We use the latest in production tools to help you create your next video.

  • A Production House can supply you everything from a cameraman to a complete production team.

  • We are recognized for Corporate Video Production, Commercials, Music Videos, T.V. Shows, Online Media, Live Video Streaming, Movies and specialized camera systems for NASA and different branches of the Military.


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