Circle Series


Outside The Circle

Emma is incredibly shy. She is so shy, that she often struggles to make friends, as she is too scared to even try! Suddenly, a big opportunity comes her way. But she needs a team to help her. Emma will have to make friends in order to take on the task. Will Emma find the courage she needs to overcome her fears?

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Sneaky Pete

Emma’s cousin Pete comes to live with her family. Emma is excited but Pete is not. When Pete starts sneaking around and getting into trouble, Emma is forced to cover up for him. When Pete finds himself in real danger, will Emma find the courage to speak up and save her cousin?

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First Book Review:

My book came in today – I already read it! It is amazing! If you’re a teacher, or have kids grades 2 through middle school they would love this book! (As a parent or teacher, you can read it to the younger children) The book is well written and covers many good topics from bullying, friendship, bravery, community service, and overcoming challenges. All things our students and children need at this age and in this time. The book hooks the reader and draws you in until the last page with its touching story. Buy your copy today! I will be sharing with my school’s principal tomorrow!!!”- K. Brown


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