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Murder, heart break, betrayal, romance, and more live inside these pages. This collection of short stories and poems will transport you to another place and time, where mystery and intrigue live. Take a ride on the high seas with pirates, uncover dead bodies in the misty swamp, or be swept away by the call of the sirens. Adventure is waiting for you.
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Sixty-one delightful tales of courage, greed, acceptance, and hope. Find out what is inside fifteen mysterious boxes. Terrible beasts wait behind mystic doors. Take an unexpected journey beyond the mystic doors. Full of suspense and surprise endings, characters venture into mysterious places. Discover unusual sunflowers and how to hang on when life is falling apart. Moving with twists and turns in strange and wonderful worlds, this work of fiction is a real page-turner. Excellent entertainment. High quality stories. Three-minute tales of fantasy, suspense, and contemporary fiction will keep you turning the pages for more. Enter if you dare beyond the mystic doors!


Adventure is found in a mysterious thick wooded swamp, a place where amphibians are about to jump off the page. Experience all new marshy carnivals full of suspense where visibility has become limited, and danger could be several feet ahead. Hidden in this book is a collection ofknowledge dripping with certain disguises and secrets in life—secrets that are revealed. Feel the clock ticking when characters set out to find others in the slimy misty swamp.  Come see how twenty authors did a remarkable job using the themes of corruption, a race against time, disguises, and a search for something lost. In this collection of short stories, you will find four chapters full of fun thrilling tales that bring forth all new entertainment.

51edzt+jaIL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_An ancient curse is causing ships to sink in the Caribbean, and treasure is to be found. You’ll find roving adventure with desperadoes and voyagers sailing near uncharted islands in this collection of 3-minute tales from forty authors. If you’d like to hear a pirate tale, then this is the book for you.


Authors were challenged to write a short story and include three highlights: a hot day, a superstition, and something to do with liberty. The second challenge was to write another short story using the theme of power, set in “another world,” and include three highlights: a crown, a window, and either a powerful or powerless woman. A winning combination of many genres, “Giant Tales Dangerous Days” will take you into another world where you will find fifty-three spectacular short stories.


Violet Hopes is a collection of short stories resulting from the question:
“What do a violet (flower or color), something living turning to stone, ash or dust, and a sweet life have in common?”
Collected here are the results from a group of those authors who took up the challenge.
Eighteen authors. Less than thirty days.
Each in a different direction.
From a violet as a harbinger of ill to a beacon of hope. From dust being the end of a sweet life, the begging of one, to an unfortunate side effect.
Join us as we look at how a life can be sweet and violet.


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