About Us


DAME Media is a female-driven production company committed to creating visual storytelling through Film, Television and Web, utilizing the knowledge and talent of the modern day woman.


DAME Media aspires to create content and offer services that bring the female narrative to the forefront; to allow her voice to be heard and her story to be told.


  • FILM: fostering the use and appreciation of women in motion picture film and television as an artistic medium, alongside supporting work in digital approaches
  • FEMALE-DRIVEN: Putting the female narrative in the spotlight by encouraging female leaders, writers, directors, editors and more.
  • DIVERSITY: Helping to create the narrative told by women of every corner of the world; every color, size, shape, belief, orientation, class, and age.
  • INDEPENDENCE: providing a platform for expression to a wide range of female voices and approaches, supporting the female filmmaker as an artistic creator
  • INNOVATION: fostering new ideas that will help propel everyday women to voice their narrative through art.


We aim to be the best female-driven film production company in our field, at the least expensive cost, and with the highest value. We aim to make award-winning films, television shows and digital products that affect society positively and promote necessary change.

Arlene Lagos, CEO of DAME Media


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